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​​Tampa Bay Lightning NHL Hockey

​Tampa Bay Lightning NHL Hockey

Vista Spyder manages content on one of the largest LED screens in the NHL league.
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Sports Facilities
Vista video processing solutions change the game
Coordinate all the visual elements of your event as a single canvas. Highlight every second of the action with Vista’s ultra-high-definition video – perfect for your LED video wall. Keep pace with the demand for high-quality entertainment on and off the field - you don’t need a second production team.

Make it memorable for your fans

  • Shape up - create odd shapes and sizes, horizontal or vertical displays, even seamless 360˚ blends. Mix live content or preset content across multiple display types, such as an LED video wall, at ultra-high-definition resolutions.

  • Take control - Use just one button to change an entire look or launch a series of events – including live camera selection and content playback from up to 8 DVRs. Spyder compresses racks of equipment into just 4RU.

  • Respond to the moment – make instant content changes manually, launch preset rundowns, or start programming scripts based on external inputs.

  • Mix it up – combine multiple, frame-accurate layers of video and data including key and fill animations for screen transitions, jump backs, and lower thirds, each with their own special effects.

  • Pay less – the unified control and reliability of our products mean a low total cost of ownership.

Vista’s sports facility solutions

Vista makes sure that your content looks its absolute best. Use Vista solutions to work with multiple inputs and formats. Achieve the highest quality programming. Stay true to your brand and always send the right message.


  • Video processing technologies

    • Vista Spyder opens a world of possibilities. Now you can create large, immersive, interactive and ultra-high-definition video environments. The Vista Spyder brings it all together in a single, simple control interface that lets you jump between preset, on-screen looks, launch cued timeline scripts, or mix “on the fly” for live programs. A variety of layered motion and source effects along with color, luminance and linear keying let you create engaging, multilevel video presentations.

    • The Vista Universal Routing Switcher (URS) is a versatile, reliable distribution system for displays that use preprogrammed content. With the touch of a button, you can change content across the system. The URS is a low-cost, simple alternative for multi-format content distribution.
  • Multi-format sources
    Share your ideas as they happen, without needing a content agency. Vista display solutions accept inputs from a mix of analog BNC and DVI signals with built-in conversion for analog/digital, interlaced/progressive, as well as scaling, aspect ratio, and color space.
  • Multi-screen installations
    Use the Spyder series’ advanced hardware processing to display millions of pixels in edge-blended or multiscreen video environments. Mix video and computer sources across any combination of projectors, plasma screens, LED walls and rear-projection cubes.
  • Support services
    Let Vista experts help you with every step of your project. Use our comprehensive support services to help you design, build, deploy and/or monitor your digital signage solution.

Vista products are also backed by industry-leading warranties, training services, and technical support.

Taking the next step


Vista digital signage solutions are available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers, consultants and integrators. Contact us or your nearest dealer today to get started.

Sports market summary


Tennessee Titans

Spyder powers two of the largest outdoor LED video displays in sports with a combined resolution of over six million pixels to provide sharp detail and a satisfying viewing experience for Tennessee Titan fans.   Read more

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