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Spyder X20
The next generation of video processing and video matrix switching

Spyder X20


The Vista Spyder X20 is the world's most powerful video processor and presentation switcher. The Spyder X20 is a versatile hardware-based video processor combined with the flexibility of a video matrix switcher that converts and routes any signal to any destination device or combination of display devices – quickly and easily. You can drive multiple displays in any combination of edge-blended widescreen, single and multiscreen discreet applications, achieving higher brightness and enhanced image quality and resolution than has ever been possible.


When it comes to creative visual effects, the only limit is your imagination. Any input can operate as a Native High Resolution Channel, Scaled PIP, Scaled Background, or Key Channel – on any display in the system. The Spyder X20 gives users a 20 megapixel bandwidth for 16 video layers of unrestricted blending, windowing, mixing and scaling along with key frame effects for dynamic content programming capabilities in both live and pre-programmed video environments.


The Spyder is easy to deploy and install. Because everything is all in one unit, the Spyder X20 reduces the number of wires, boxes and rack space you need. Adds inputs, outputs and pixel real estate with powerful expansion capabilities that allow inputs/outputs from other Spyder systems to contribute to a single pixel space




Mixing and multiple key frame effects


  • Smooth-Go transitions automatically interpolate between the first look and the second look according to user-defined duration
  • Real-time window resizing and positioning
  • Full motion path editing with velocity control at each key frame
  • PIP borders, including drop shadows and soft inside edge
  • Adjustable PIP aspect ratio correction as well as cropping, pan and zoom
  • Quickly apply looks to multiple video layers with user-defined treatments
  • Integrated Operators Monitor allows you to see what the audience sees and preview what they will see next, all on a single monitor.                       




  • Luminance keyer on every input
  • Chroma keyer on every input
  • Alpha channel bitmaps on every input, for alpha channel titling or bugs from your favorite graphics application


Presets & timed cues


  • Save Command Key presets for a single video layer or a complete on-screen look that includes all layout information as well as machine control for ancillary devices
  • Save multiple keyframes in scripted sequences that advance manually or automatically based on timed cues.


Background buffers


  • Two native or scalable resolution background buffers allows mixing between high-resolution, still backdrops for PIP images or background inputs without having to use any of Spyder's inputs to prevent screens from going to black


Video processing


  • 10-bit analog inputs and outputs
  • Low delay (<1.5 interlaced frames)
  • 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down detection


Taking the next step


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Input Number
  • X20-0808: 8 Inputs total - 4 Supporting composite, S-Video, Component Analog, HDSDI, SDI and 3G SDI (SMPTE 424M) - 4 Supporting Progressive DVI and Progressive RGBHV
  • X20-1608: 16 Inputs total - 8 Supporting composite, S-Video, Component Analog, HDSDI, SDI and 3G SDI (SMPTE 424M) - 8 Supporting Progressive DVI and Progressive RGBHV
Input Signals
  • Analog RGB composite, component
  • DVI, single-link and dual-link (8 inputs are dual-link capable)
  • SDI, HD-SDI and 3G HD-SDI (SMPTE 424M)
  • Motion adaptive de-interlacing (SD & HD)
Input Pixel Clock
  • Analog up to 165 MHz
  • DVI up to 330 MHz
Input Resolutions
  • Horizontal resolutions up to 2560 and vertical resolutions up to 2160 within 330MHz including 4K (any resolution greater than 2048 x 1200 uses 2 input channels)
Input Scan Rates
  • Up to 120Hz dependent on pixel clock rate maximum
Output Number
  • 8 @ (< 2048x1200) or 4 @ (2560x1600) or combination of 4 dual-link and 4 single-link resolutions
Output Signals
  • Analog RGB, component
  • DVI, single-link and dual-link (4 outputs are dual-link capable)
  • SDI, HD-SDI and 3G HD-SDI (SMPTE 424M)
  • Any output can be a scaled output for recording widescreens
  • Integrated source monitoring at full frame rates
  • Any output can be an operator's monitor, simultaneously displaying preview and program for a given pixel space or the entire show on a single output
  • Output synchronization: free-run or vertically referenced to NTSC/PAL black burst
Output Pixel Clock
  • Analog up to 165MHz
  • DVI up to 330MHz
Output Resolutions
  • Horizontal resolutions up to 2560 and vertical resolutions up to 2160 within 330MHz including 4K
Output Scan Rates
  • Up to 120Hz dependent on pixel clock rate maximum
Control & Networking
  • RS-232 In/Out
  • Ethernet (10/100/1000)
Enhanced Feature Sets
  • Independent aspect ratio and frame rate setup
  • Overlays
  • Transitions
  • Aspect ratio conversions
  • Output rotation (portrait)
  • Optional active and passive stereoscopic support
  • Optional HDCP support
  • Still frame (freeze) capability on every input
  • Read/write still store. Load bmp, png, tiff, or jpg images to (or capture images from) any Spyder input.
  • Space requirements: 4RU
  • Size: (L x W x H): 21.9 x 17.3 x 7.0" (556 x 439 x 178 mm) 
  • Weight: 59lbs (27kg)

Product overview 

This downloadable PDF is the product brochure for the Vista SpyderX20 and outlines the video and widescreen display processor's key features, specifications and uses.

Product comparison chart

The various Vista video processor product lines offer different features and functionality to allow customers to find the best fit for their particular requirements. Find the right one for your application.

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