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The world's most versatile presentation switcher and video content management solution.

Dynamically manage and display sophisticated content in today’s video environments with an intuitive content display solution that anyone can understand. Get the Vista Spyder. Then get creative. Mix an incredible number of sources in multiple windows at the highest resolutions available. Create all kinds of video layering and mixing. Define, shape and blend sources with remarkable ease.




Spyder’s compact design gives you the options, versatility and power to easily manage video display programming. The unique Spyder architecture allows for a resolution and a video format-independent environment. Each input channel is capable of a full range of processing with native high resolution input for pixel-perfect images. Controlling more pixels than any other presentation system, Spyder achieves amazing clarity and brightness.


Your video environment is no longer restricted to the resolution of a single computer or video source, or a single display destination. You can freely combine projectors, plasma screens, LED walls, rear projection cubes, etc. in multiple display configurations to generate an enhanced resolution that exceeds what any single display can support without external data-doubling processors for widescreen applications.


The Vista Spyder is designed with every kind of user in mind, from the beginner to the most experienced pro. Its easy-to-use programming environment allows you to focus on your desired results, rather than the mechanics of getting there. Mix between any two sources, size and position PIP windows and chroma or luminance key images at any location on any screen in real-time, and create seamless transition effects, window borders, and drop shadows. Powerful preset programming allows simple two-state on/off presets, or elaborate multistep scripted builds and motion presets. Spyder’s Smooth Go transitions automatically interpolate between the current look and the next look so that results are predictable, user-programmable, and reproducible every time, all with a single button press.


Choose your Spyder


Spyder’s powerful video processing capabilities are available in two product series: Spyder 200/300 and Spyder X20. Check out all of the models, configurations and features or view our product comparisons chart. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, there’s a Spyder made just for you.

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