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Frequently asked questions
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What special effects can Spyder create?

Spyder is so versatile, you might ask what special effects it can’t do. As the most powerful video processing system in the entire universe, Spyder gives you the tools you need to explore your full creativity. Here are just a few of the effects possible:

  • Mixing and Multiple Key Frame Effects
  • Full Path Editing including Tension, Continuity and Bias control at each Key Frame
  • Full Speed Editing including Ease In, Ease Out, and Velocity control at each Key Frame
  • Adjustable PIP aspect ratio and smooth transitions between aspect ratios
  • PIP borders, including drop shadows and soft inside edge with smooth transitions
  • PIP Clone (mirror and offset)with smooth transitions
  • Image cropping with smooth transitions

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Is support available?

Yes. If you have questions or challenges, we are here to help you. We offer excellent customer service, in-house training and after hours technical support. You can call us directly or send requests from our Support Page. You can also search our Knowledge Base, which is a great place to download software, ask questions or read up on the latest developments at Vista. Looking for more? Log on to our discussion board and talk Spyder with your community of fellow users.

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Can I get training?

Yes, the best. Our in-house training walks you through every step of Spyder’s advanced windowing interface and the Montage II control console. The cost is minimal at $600 per person, and seating for the two-day session is limited to eight participants. Or, if you’d prefer, we can come to you. On-site training is available for an additional daily rate (contact Vista sales for details).

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Is financing available?

Yes. Spyder is now more affordable than ever with financing and leasing options. Contact a sales representative for additional information.

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Can I see a demo of Spyder?

Yes. We have created an online demonstration. If you are interested in seeing more of Spyder, please contact a sales representative for details.

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Can Spyder be used in smaller applications and venues?

Yes. In fact, Spyder’s versatility and scalability make it the ideal solution for virtually any presentation, large or small. You can find Spyder in the boardroom or on the big stage. It’s used in command and control rooms and on the sets of television broadcasts. More and more, houses of worship are relying on Spyder to enhance their services. It’s even being used in scientific visualization applications. Whether you are looking to create a giant video wall or simply want your board meeting to look sharp, we have the solution for you. Visit our Market Solutions section to learn more.

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What level of technical skill do I need to use Spyder?

You need only basic business software knowledge to fully operate it. Though Spyder is the most sophisticated video processor in the world, the key to its effectiveness is its simplicity. Everyone from first-time users to seasoned pros can exercise their full creative powers.

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We have special configuration needs. Does Vista provide custom hardware and software?

Yes. Our engineering department can design hardware and software that works seamlessly with your systems. Please contact us to find our more information.

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Where can I purchase Spyder?

Vista Systems sellers and distributors are located in countries around the world. Find the one nearest you.

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