Discover 4 reasons why you should use a VPN

A VPN, also known as a virtual private network, is used to surf the internet securely. Many people prefer to use it every time they go online. What are the reasons for using it? Find out very briefly in this article.

Securing your computer on a hotspot

The VPN allows its users to surf safely but also allows them to secure their computer when using a hot-spot. Indeed, information can easily be hacked on a computer when connecting to a public Wi-Fi. Your valuable information such as passwords, logins, etc. are more likely to pass through the web and your computer and fall into the wrong hands. The VPN therefore takes care of encrypting your information so that no one can access it.

Preserve anonymity

VPN is also used to preserve anonymity. Indeed, when you surf the net, you leave an IP address behind. It represents a sort of identity on the Internet. Thanks to it, your activities can be followed from afar. So the VPN hides the IP address and sends back an IP address from remote servers. So you can connect and do whatever you want while remaining anonymous and therefore free.

Get discounted flights


When you look up flights online, airlines realise this and may raise the price for you. When you check out these flights without using a VPN first, the airlines scan your IP address every time you check out. The VPN will allow you to change your ID each time so you can get flights at reasonable or even lower costs than usual.

Breaking geographical restrictions

There are streaming sites that are only available in a particular country. By using a VPN, especially when it uses the country’s address, you can access these sites. Once on the site, you can be recognised as belonging to the territory and therefore be entitled to the same freedoms as those in the country.